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A Walk in the Park, Right?

Posted by J. R. on Thursday, May 13, 2010 Under: Career Transition to Publishing
Nearly two months ago, I began walking for exercise again. I hadn't taken my morning two-mile walk for nearly a year. It was so hot in Texas last summer that I simply found a just reason to take a break. Well, a few weeks ago I realized I needed to get back out there. Like most folks struggling to start/run a business--particularly one that involves writing, I spend long hours sitting in front of my computer. Lately, I'd been noticing that towards the end of the day, my feet had become a bit swollen. Of course, being me, I think the worst. I didn't run to the doctor to get an actual diagnosis. Like so many these days--no health insurance. More then likely, it's just poor circulation, right?

These past months, the walking has helped, both physically and mentally. I use this time each morning to think, meditate, pray and try to organize my day ahead. This morning, the sun was shining and there was a cool breeze blowing. I shared my morning walk around the large duck pond with other like-minded folks who were out biking, walking their dogs and  strolling with their little ones. I was about halfway through my second trip around when a young woman walking her dog, unexpectedly slowed down on my left side and said, "Excuse me, may I get the bug off your back?" At first, of course, her request didn't quite register. I wasn't sure what she meant. Seeing the question mark on my face, she repeated herself. Finally, I responded with, "There's a bug on my back? How big is it?" She tugged gently on the back of my shirt, encouraging the bug to move on as her friendly dog, nuzzled my leg. Again I said, "How big is it?" Smiling, she pointed at a reddish-brown, nice-sized bug resting in the grass. I said to her, "Thank you for getting that bug off my back. You could have not said anything about it and gone along your way." The young lady, who had been smiling the whole time, answered, "You're Welcome." then moved on with her dog.

As I watched my bug-removing angel with the big friendly dog jog on ahead of me, I thought: Even with all this craziness going on, there are still kind people walking this earth. I continued my walk and that thought began to resonate in a deeper, more personal way. Sure, most people would think, "it's just a bug-harmless, right?" But I would argue that an uninvited bug at the wrong time can wreak all kinds of havoc. What happens when a bee begins to fly about inside a car being driven on a freeway? And we all remember what happens to the poor guy trying to test his groundbreaking teleportation device in the movie,The Fly.

When in a struggle, it feels like something is riding you, on your back. You may not know what it is, exactly or that it's even there until someone or something finally comes along and knocks it off! Only then do you feel a sense of relief, that now maybe you can make some progress. Was this incident today just random? Or is God delivering an answer to my prayers and meditations? I must have faith that it is the latter.

In my next post, I'll discuss a big initiative that is a major element in my business model--one I hope will help bring some income and employment opportunities to writers, illustrators, editors/proofreaders.  

Til the next time.

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