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Writing Can Be A Pain In The Back!

Posted by J. R. on Saturday, July 31, 2010 Under: Occupational Safety and Health
Seriously, I'm not attempting to be facetious here. Anyone who sits for extended lengths of time, whether writing against a deadline, painting your latest masterpiece, working as a data entry clerk or a financial analyst or customer service rep, you need to find the time to move your butt out of that seat.

A few short weeks ago, I was bending over to pick up something in my closet before setting off to run some errands. As I stood back up with the item in hand, I felt a sharp pain. I went directly to my bed to lay face down, thinking the pain would subside after a short period of rest. It did not. I ended up bedridden for about five days before I was able to move around freely without pain. For more than a week, there was no writing, no illustrating, nothing really productive going on. It hurt to move. I had to be very careful about how I chose to turn over to lie on my side. Getting up to go or shower was misery. My husband and kids helped me with heat and ice therapy and took care of cooking and cleaning. I smeared lots of analgesic cream on my lower back and tried to rest and sleep the time away. There were no visits to the doctor for a Vitamin D shot or a prescription for pain relief medicine. No corporate job equals no medical coverage.

I'm well now, Thank God!

If you cannot afford a $700 ergonomically designed chair that provides back support while sitting for long lengths of time, dash on down to your local drug store and purchase a back stabilizer. It gives support to your lower back and abdomen and provides added lumbar support for about $25 or more. I'm using one now and making sure I get up from my chair a number of times during the day for exercise.

Remember, take time to stand, walk and stretch. This week it will be very hot where I live--as high as 105 degrees. Even if it's hot where you live, walk and move around indoors as often as you can. Humans aren't meant to be sedentary. Move, breathe, occupy your space. 

Next time I'll talk about the things that crop up and cause delays in our plans--including finishing those illustrations for Emily, Brave and Swift. :)

Until next time...


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