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Squirrel Squad Adventures: Swish!


MJ Campbell for Reedsy/Discovery

An easy reading and adventurous tale for kids about Swish and the Squirrel Squad crew. Look forward to reading more!

Swish is the leader of the Squirrel Squad, a team of five elite members. For hundreds of years, the Squad, who are hand selected by the Council of Elders, is chosen as guardians. They are the youngest in the history of the Squad and sworn to protect and provide a safe space to all in their community.

Swish is the fastest squirrel in all of Chestnut County, Georgia and everybody knows it! As the team leader, he has many responsibilities, as well as providing for his family. He's a little guy with heart, but he also has an ego to match. He doesn't listen to his father; he often stretches the truth, and he believes following rules is annoying and not fun. Swish thinks of himself as a renegade, ignoring the very dangers he's bound to protect his community from. But today he and his squad are about to face the biggest challenge of their young lives when they come face to face with the mighty hawk, Raptor!

Find out what happens to Swish, Penny, Edward, Bossy and Hickory, in this fast-paced, heart-thumping, funny adventure story that will have you on the edge of your seat and ready for more!

Squirrel Squad Adventures, Swish! by JE Reynolds is a tale about an elite squad of squirrels responsible for watching out for the community. These young squirrels work hard to help their families collect nuts, but they also like to play and have a good time. This book focuses on a squirrel named Swish, who is the squad leader. He is a charismatic squirrel who is popular with his fellow Squirrel Squad members, but sometimes he gets a bit carried away telling them tall tales about the amazing things that he has done. This time, he might just get carried away -- literally!

 The story was easy to follow, with language appropriate for new readers. Swish is a likeable protagonist who gets into a spot of trouble, just like many of us can do when we are kids. But there is a lesson to be learned in that Swish must come to understand the importance of taking care of each other and that life is precious. The twist at the end of the story will make kids grin!

 I would recommend this book for early middle-grade readers that are reading independently and love books with adventurous animals. It's also a good bedtime story that is not too long to read aloud. The Squirrel Squad squirrels are all adorable and well-illustrated. It would be fun to see this turn into a series with each squirrel getting their own adventure.


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Amy Louise Hill for Readers' Favorite

Squirrel Squad Adventures: Swish! by JE Reynolds is a fun educational picture book for children. In this fast-paced story, you will meet the main characters, Swish, Penny, Edward, Bossy, and Hickory, who are part of a group known as the Squirrel Squad. They protect their town and have done so for many years. Swish is the leader of the group. His main goal in life, other than to protect his community, is to make his family proud, whether it's by gathering the most nuts or by showing his bravery in dangerous situations. No matter what Swish is faced with, he never gives up. One day, Swish's bravery lands him in some deep, life-threatening trouble! What trouble does Swish get into and will he be okay in the end? Find out in this adventure.

Squirrel Squad Adventures was a pleasure to read. JE Reynolds has created an entertaining book for children that will also teach them important life lessons. Through the example of the Squirrel Squad, the story inspires bravery, which will allow children to mimic their actions and apply them to their own lives. It also shows what can happen if you become too big for your boots as it can land you, and even others, in some serious trouble. The illustrations are adorable and will attract the attention of any young reader. A lot of effort has been put into this incredible tale and I know children are going to love it just as much as I did. Congrats to the author on a well-written book. I hope to read more in the future!